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Get ready to revolutionise your fuel management with a Perrys Fuel Card Account!

Get ready to revolutionise your fuel management with a Perrys Fuel Card Account! As one of the longest running family-owned petroleum products and fuel distributors in South Australia, we offer a game-changing fuel card solution in Cowell designed to enhance your savings and provide greater control over your fuel expenses.


We know that managing fuel costs is high priority, that’s why we offer fuel cards tailored to meet the unique needs of truck drivers and various industries across Australia.


Simplify your fuel management and optimise your operations.

Perrys Fuel Card Account

Why Choose Perrys Fuel Card Account?

Our fuel cards are the smarter choice for drivers and businesses in Cowell and across Australia. Why settle for ordinary fuel cards when you can experience the exceptional advantages of Perrys Fuel Card Account? Here are the key benefits our card holders can enjoy:


Save Time and Money

The right fuel card in Cowell is your key to significant time and cost savings. Our card is likely compatible with your internal systems. So, if your business runs multiple fleets, your Perrys Fuel Card can be your drawcard and there will be no more need for manual receipts and reconciliations. In addition, our unique fuel card service allows card holders to earn competitive discounts at our pumps.


Extensive Account Availability

With our growing retail footprint, featuring over 70 retail fuel locations across Australia, our fuel cards offer benefits that are within your reach. No matter where your routes take you, our sites are strategically positioned to provide convenient access to fuel and essential amenities.


Enhanced Convenience and Comfort

We go beyond fueling your vehicles. Many of our service stations and retail sites offer dedicated truck parking, showers, AdBlue, and 24-hour facilities. Relax and refuel at our rest stops, all designed to provide you with the convenience that will make your journeys more comfortable and efficient.


Streamlined Accounting and Reporting

Simplify your accounting processes with the comprehensive reporting options that come with our fuel card. Generate tax-compliant invoices effortlessly, ensuring accurate record-keeping and easy expense tracking. Gain valuable insights into your fuel usage and make informed decisions to optimise your operations.


Flexible Account Management

Are you managing multiple vehicles? No problem. Our fuel card account allows you to link multiple cards to a single account, simplifying administration and providing consolidated reporting. Set spend limits and customise fuel purchase restrictions for each card, giving you greater control over fuel expenditure.


Convenient Emailing and Direct Debiting

The best fuel cards in Australia prioritise your convenience. Perrys offer emailing of accounts to eliminate paperwork and save you time. Our direct debit option ensures hassle-free payments for your fuel purchases, so you can focus on other aspects of your business that matter more.


Monitor, Control, and Restrict Fuel Spending

Gain a better grip on your fuel usage and expenses. With a Perrys Fuel Card Account, you can easily track fuel costs and control fuel spending, restrict purchases, and gain insights to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. Take charge of your fuel management and drive your business to new heights.

Industries We Serve - Powering Diverse Sectors with Excellence

When you apply for your Cowell fuel cards, you get premium fuels and solutions designed to drive your success.


Perrys Fuel Card Accounts are tailored to meet the needs of diverse industries, including but not limited to:


  • Mining, Oil and Gas
  • Transport
  • Agriculture
  • Earthmoving and Civil Works
  • Building and Construction
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Local Government
  • Marine


Join industry leaders who depend on us to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently. Apply for fuel cards from Perrys directly when you fill out this form.

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